Google Ads – Beginning of Digital Marketing

Google Ads is PPC service from Google which helps businesses grow their revenue with very less effort and money. In order to grow your business digitally you just need to have a website and a Google account to start promoting your business. Google charges you only when user clicks on your ad.

Creating Google Ads account is free and it can be created with your gmail account or company/business gmail account.

There are different types of Google Ads that you can create based on your requirement.

  1. Google Search Ads
  2. Google Display Ads
  3. Google Shopping Ads
  4. YouTube Ads
  5. App Install Ads


1. Google Search Ads – Those ads which you see when you search for any products or service on Google Search Engine. This is also known as Google Text Ads. These are shown on the top of page most of the time but also on the bottom of the search page.

2. Google Display Ads – These are the ads shown on Google platforms or its affiliate networks.

3. Google Shopping Ads – These are the ads shown on Google search engine in form of image with basic description of products.

4. YouTube Ads – These ads are shown on YouTube, you must have seen these ads while watching videos on YouTube.

5. App Install Ads – These ads are shown on Google networks like Google play store, Google Search Engine or its affiliate networks. You must have seen these ads on YouTube while watching videos, Google Play Store while searching for apps or while opening some other apps on mobile phone.


These types of ads are based on the requirement of the businesses. These ads are monitored and maintained in Google Ads account.


You can learn Google Ads and use it for for your businesses and also provide services to companies who are looking for Google Ads services. There are also lot of job opportunity in Google Ads. This is one of the in demand services businesses are looking for, you can get amount of money for managing and optimizing  

If you are looking to learn Google Ads and make a career in Digital Marketing then this is the right time to learn and get better at Google Ads.

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