Social Media Marketing – A Guide

Social Media Marketing is one of the channel without which Digital Marketing is incomplete. It is one the important pillar of Digital Marketing. It is very useful for businesses for brand visibility and lead generation.

Lead generation is bit tricky due to the nature and audience on Social Media. But it can be very useful and profitable if used properly like engaging content and targeted specific audience.

Social Media is not like search engine where people are looking for services or products or anything based on their interest, rather Social Media is something where we pitch something to user based on their interest and compel them to take action based on their need.

It’s bit tricky to compel them but it can be done by actionable “Call To Action” and products or services with irresistible/lucrative offers.

Below are few important Social Media Channels which people should have their businesses on –

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. YouTube

It is important to decide the social media channel for your business based on the nature of business and know properly on which social media channel has its audience.

All social media channel has its own advertising platform and it is necessary to use paid ads as well in order to have better reach and benefit most from it. Every Social Media channel are wisely using their platform so that they can earn from it, so going organically alone will not be a good idea.

Every platform has its own way to increase the followers and make a conversion.  It is very powerful for small businesses due to its low cost advertisement. Creativity is the way to get going on social media platforms not only creative posts but creative writing as well.

You must have seen compelling offers and words which made you to purchase products or services from social media platform.

If you are a creative person and love writing creative contents then Social Media is one the Digital Marketing channels you can learn and get a job or become a freelancer or grow your own business.

Social Media Digital professionals are one of the sought jobs in this Digital Age.


Have any questions? Comment your questions below and I will answer them.

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