Facebook Ads – SMM You Need

Facebook is one of prominent place for different segment of businesses in generating leads. There are many users wondering on Facebook for stuffs, though not directly but it can be put in such a way that aligns with their thought process and day to day needs in their life.

Facebook ads are one of the important lead generation tool now a days, if used wisely by following the steps one can generate good leads through this platform. It has become more powerful after the inclusion of Instagram to its advertising platform. 

Below are the important things you need to keep in mind while creating Facebook ads, It is very important to select goal of the campaign based on the needs – 

  1. Audience
  2. Typography
  3. Creatives
  4. Compelling Ad Copy
  5. Bidding
  6. Conversion Tracking
  7. Performance Tracking
  8. Landing Page

Audience, Conversion tracking and Landing Page are very critical part of the Facebook Ads. Audience includes Age, Location, Gender, Interest, Relationship Status, Languages, Education, Workplaces.

Conversion Tracking is useful in order to have better performance and result. It helps Facebook algorithm decide better result for the ad. 

Landing page is important in order to give complete and relevant information about the business or service you are running ads for. This is the place you got chance to entice users for taking action for purchase or submitting their details for further process.

Ad Copies are important to highlight the problems your business is solving or what your business is offering to consumers and to businesses.

Below are few of the examples of ads running on Facebook.


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