Yet another one! Be stronger than your education & job

Yet another one! which brings tears to my eyes and I am not able to understand why? Why do you do or even think that committing suicide is a solution. No, never, it is never a solution. I know life gets and going to be difficult as and when you move a ladder ahead in your life and you have to gear up to embrace the challenges and move on while fixing it for all. I know people will turn against you no matter what you have done for them whole life, they will just forget everything in a blink of an eye for your one mistake. Though you were available all the time when they needed you and they would never get into that mode that sometimes you also need them. A small support can bring cheers to your life but wait, were you not strong all these years? helping, cheering, supporting and so on for whoever came across you. But why cant you be strong for yourself and fight the battle on your own? you don’t have to put yourself down when you needed for yourself. A famous quote says, “Putting Yourself First Is Not Selfish, its necessary”.

And I say Indeed and why not? aren’t people around you are selfish? Are they not just thinking about themselves and their F**king ego.

So what I want to convey is that make yourself at peace no matter what! Go out and gel with people engage yourself in different activities which you always wanted to do but was never able to do due to time constraint. Now is the prime time, you have to forget everything and go out and do.

Many people have got disturbed with their family situation trying to make everyone happy that they forgot the motto in their life. Do not be an example like them, you can solve problems and get ahead in life.

Do get in touch with me if you are going through tough situations in life, I am ready and available to help and listen to you. If no one has told you then let me tell you that you are stronger and braver than you think.